Team Members

To maximize the impact of this effort, we have constructed a strong team of talented applied mathematicians, statisticians and computational scientists from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory, Florida State University and Georgia Tech. Moreover, the members of the EQUINOX team maintain concurrent participation in several highly impactful DOE application efforts attempting to utilize extreme-scale UQ. These include: Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light water reactors (CASL), Predicting Ice Sheet and Climate Evolution at Extreme Scales (PISCEES), Climate Change Science Institute (CCSI), Computer Aided Engineering for Batteries (CAEBAT), Advanced Multi-Physics for Electrical and Renewable Energy Storage (AMPERES), and Large Infrastructure computing for Multi-cycle Instability and Transient Simulations (LIMITS). Effective means of quantifying uncertainties associated with such efforts are of paramount importance to several problems of national interest. By delivering the advances in applied mathematics and statistics research of our proposed effort to the DOE mission science projects and institutes with which we are amalgamated, we expect to have substantial impact on scientific discovery, engineering technology and probabilistic risk assessment.


Prof. Max Gunzburger, (PI)
Dr. John Burkardt

Georgia Tech:

Prof. Jeff Wu, (PI)
Prof. Roshan Vengazhiyil


Dr. Clayton Webster, (PI and Research Coordinator)
Dr. Rick Archibald, (co-PI)
Dr. Cory Hauck
Dr. Sreekanth Pannala
Dr. Miroslav Stoyanov
Dr. Guannan Zhang


Dr. Eric Phipps, (PI)
Dr. H. Carter Edwards
Dr. Jonathan Hu
Dr. Sivasankaran Rajamanickam


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